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Backpack Drink Dispenser

This is some pretty cool backpack, isn’t it? The Tailgater Dual Tank Backpack Drink Dispenser can serve shots or your favorite beverage in a truly unique style. Built from a lightweight nylon and equipped with shoulder straps, the backpack can easily be carried around, making sure your glass is always full.

An Elegant and Discreet Travel Partner

The Duet Lux is a powerful vibrator that features dual tips and dual motors for a brand new kind of pleasure. Made of a high quality material plated with 24 Karat gold and with a unique dual tip design and V-shaped edges, this vibrator will offer a wide range of possibilities. So quiet that you could use it in a library, four vibration modes, 8GB or 16GB of data storage for your most intimate bits and bytes, fully charging via USB in less than two hours, a genuine leather travel pouch that comes with every Duet plus the fact that is completely waterproof makes this vibrator a discreet and dynamic travel partner.

GoGirl Female Urination Travel Gadget

GoGirl is an unusual but very useful travel gadget designed especially for women. If you are a woman who enjoys traveling, camping and outdoor activities, I am sure you have been faced with this problem already: not finding a sanitary bathroom when you need one! GoGirl is a simple hygiene product that will allow you to go the bathroom standing up! This female urination device is made from a germ-resistant silicone, includes a bag for discreet storage and/or disposal, and can easily fit in your purse.

Necker Nymph Aero Submarine

A ride with this 3-person aero submarine is probably one of the most exciting activities that you could do on Necker Island, and at the same time the best way to discover the underwater world of the British Virgin Islands. The submarine can travel at speeds of up to 6 knots underwater and can go as deep as 30 meters (100ft). Necker Nymph is only available when booking a stay on Necker Island.

Baggy Wine Coat

Menu has designed the Baggy Wine Coat to provide the popular Bag in Box wines a more practical and stylish look. The Baggy Wine Coat is made of a sturdy cloth, has a black rubber base that helps it to stand stable on any surface, a rubber carrying strap that makes it easy to transport and has a space for a cooling element or a bag of ice, if you wish to keep the wine cold. This is the perfect choice for al fresco dining, a picnic or a romantic beach dinner.

Transport Perceptual Pod

Designed by Alberto Frias, the Transport Perceptual Pod is a light and spacious environment for one or two people. The pod has a round shiny egg form with an elliptical opening and inside you will find a fluffy cloud-like cushion, a high fidelity sound system, an iPhone/iPad universal dock and a temperature controlled round water bed. Other features are an iPhone/iPad app for controlling the light and the sound system, handcrafted fiberglass shell, bed and cushions, and a Philips color kinetics LED lighting system. The Transport Pod allows people to escape into a dream world full of music, color and vibration.