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Survive An Avalanche With This Backpack

Equipped with ABS avalanche airbag technology, the North Face Patrol 24 ABS is a very useful backpack that will increase your survival rate by 95% in case of an avalanche. Once you pull the activation handle, two integrated airbags will deploy and keep you on the surface and visible for a more rapid rescue. The backpack is designed to increase the safety of climbers, riders, ski mountaineers or back country riders, has a completely removable ABS system and is air travel friendly.

Gerber Apocalypse Kit Camp Axe DMF Folder Tanto Epic Drop Point Gator Machete Gator Machete Pro LMF Infantry Black Parang

End Of The World Survival Kit

Since the world is supposed to come to an end (or something) this December, we thought it’s time to present you some survival tools that will help you live in the wilderness, up in the mountains or why not, maybe even exterminate a few zombies or aliens! Now back to reality! The Gerber Apocalypse Survival Kit is comprised of 7 tools (2 machetes, 3 knives, 1 axe, 1 parang), all of them enclosed in a super durable canvas case with reinforced stitching. This survival kit is already very welcomed among fans of outdoor activities. Who knows when you might need one!