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Neck DPS Airbag Leather Wind Suit

The T2 WIND PRO is a top suit designed for riders and features a Neck DPS Airbag system to increase the level of safety for this sensible area in case of a crash. The Airbag inflates in 0.2 seconds, has a low weight and can be easily removed and recharged after use.

SJ Ultra Vest

Designed by the renowned ultra-marathoner Scott Jurek, this vest can easily carry a half-day of gels or bars in the front pockets along with an expandable compartment for a total capacity of 9.2 liters. The SJ Ultra Vest features smartphone pouches, bottle holsters, emergency whistle, fully adjustable straps, secure lat pockets and many other options that will make this vest a must for running enthusiasts.

Ueli Steck Special Edition Knife

Wenger has teamed up with professional mountaineer and speed climber Ueli Steck to produce this amazing tool that is very useful for extreme adventures. This multi-functional tool is built for climbers, backcountry skiers, hikers and its unique functions make it the ideal knife for any outdoor challenge. The Ueli Steck Kinfe features a blade that is thicker with 50% than the standard series, can opener, metal saw and file, locking screwdriver and lightweight pouch.

Wireless Activity And Sleep Tracker

If you need a travel gadget that tracks the calories you burn, the stairs you climb, the steps you take, distances, your sleep cycle, and never rests, then Fitbit One might be the one. The One tracks all your activity during the day (and night) and syncs your stats automatically to help you track your progress and understand better your health and fitness. Due to its small and discreet design, you can easily wear it on a belt or in your pocket, plus it has an impressive battery that lasts up to 7 days.

Ion HD Camera Goggles

Shooting full 1080p and 8 megapixel HD photos, the Ion HD Camera from Zeal Optics are some of the most beautifully designed goggles we’ve ever seen. If you need a camera to record all your skiing or snowboarding moves, or just to take shots of the beautiful mountain scenery, then the Ion HD Camera might be the one you need. Some of the camera’s main features are anti-fog infused lens process, 100% UV protection and high density lens technology.

Limited Edition Squadron Rescue Chrono Set

Dedicated to the search and rescue pilots from around the world, the Squadron Rescue Chrono from Wenger features multiple options like luminous hands, sapphire crystals, water resistance and a 12 hour chronograph. With a black stainless steel case crafted to endure even the most extreme conditions, the watch is equipped to handle any kind of task. The Limited Edition Squadron Rescue Chrono Set comes with a special edition Ranger Grip Swiss Army Knife and with an additional stealthy black leather strap, all packed in a multi-use black neoprene laptop case.

A Unique Bicycle Trailer

Midget Bushtrekka is a unique bicycle trailer designed to be the best companion for long distance touring. The trailer features three main compartments with over 180 liters of storage, easy to access all the time, and fully adjustable levelling jacks to ensure that the unit can always be in a horizontal position for maximum comfort when sleeping.