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LaCie PetiteKey

Featuring a compact, metal key design, scratch-resistant connector and with a waterproof metal shell, LaCie PetiteKey has to be one of the best travel gadgets I have seen lately. The useful key shape makes it easy to fit on a key ring or in a pocket and its 100 meters waterproof design means you don’t have to worry next time you take a swim or even if you get caught in a tropical rainfall. PetiteKey comes with LaCie Private-Public software, which provides AES 256-bit encryption plus easy integration with Wuala cloud storage so you could have access to your files anytime, anywhere. This travel gadget is begging you to take it with you on your next trip.

Cocoon Tree Basic Cocoon Tree Interior Cocoon Tree Beach Cocoon Tree Jungle

Cocoon Tree - Your Own Portable Cabin Tree

Designed to provide maximum comfort while hanging up on a tree, the Cocoon Tree is a spherical structure that can easily accommodate two people or even a couple with small children. Built from high quality materials, the Cocoon is water-proof, well ventilated for warm weather conditions and comes in three versions: Basic, Beach and Jungle. This beautiful and portable cabin tree can be bought by anyone to be used in any condition, from hotel and bungalow resorts to base camps and private owners. The Cocoon Tree is the ideal refuge where you can be in perfect harmony with the nature.

Neat Portable Scanner

Using Intelligent Text Recognition technology to read and extract the information, Neat Mobile Scanner digitally records your receipts, business cards, documents, and organize all of them in an easy searchable way. Lightweight and with a slim design, this portable scanner can easily fit into your bag or briefcase and can be a very useful travel gadget while traveling.

Revo PiXiS Touchscreen Radio

PiXiS compact radio represents a leap forward for digital radio and features a 3.5” color touchscreen display and a very impressive audio quality and bass response. The display is easily controlled via intuitive icon driven user interface. This amazing radio is capable of receiving DAB Slideshow Transmissions - a new feature that enhances the digital radio experience by enabling full color images to be broadcasted alongside standard radio transmissions like ‘Now Playing’ screens, sport reports, traffic information, news and weather updates.