Travel Gadgets

Oceanmaster Knife

Flawlessly crafted in Sheffield, England especially for nautical use, the Oceanmaster Knife features a locking marlin spike, a serrated sheepsfoot blade with ring pull, can opener, locking slot shackle, a white cotton sliding knot lanyard and weighs only 5 oz. This folding knife is corrosion resistant and is safe to use in salt water conditions.

Leatherman Skeletool Bit Driver Stainless Steel Blade Bottle Opener Jaws

Leatherman Skeletool

This pocket-sized multi-tool from Leatherman features a stainless steel combo blade, a bit driver, pliers, a bottle opener and a removable pocket clip, just to name a few. This highly awarded tool is a very useful travel gadget for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Maarno Folding Boat

Maarno is a leisure boat designed by Arno Mathies and Max Frommeld from a single sheet of folded plastic which can be assembled in a very short period of time. Easy transportation, the folding ability, storage are only a few of the advantages that makes this boat an ideal companion for every fisherman or camper.