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Water Proof Sports MP3 Player

The W Series Sports Walkman from Sony is a high performance wire-free music player that features a wearable waterproof design. The really fun part is that you can listen to music while completely submerged underwater, as long as you don’t go any deeper than 2m (6.6 feet). This all-in-one digital music player offers a 4GB memory, features an impressive sound, is very easy to use and can provide up to eight hours of audio playback on a full charge.

Transformable Suitcase

Travelteq designed this innovative carry-on suitcase that will help you play your music everywhere you travel. The Trip Sound suitcase produces high quality sounds and can play music for 8 hours before having to recharge. This suitcase features a laptop section, phone compartment, speakers and can easily transform itself into a comfortable seat. The sound system can also work as a docking station, to charge small electronic devices as your phone or an mp3 player.

Denon Globe Cruiser Headphones Denon Globe Cruiser Headphones Leather Travel Case

Denon Globe Cruiser Headphones

Featuring an integrated amplifier, advanced noise cancellation, wireless with CD sound quality, leather travel case, rechargeable batteries and a travel smartphone application, the luxuriously crafted Denon Globe Cruiser Headphones provide exquisite comfort and style. The design’s control wheel will allow you to easily control your Apple iPhone, iPad or other Bluetooth devices.

Revo PiXiS Touchscreen Radio

PiXiS compact radio represents a leap forward for digital radio and features a 3.5” color touchscreen display and a very impressive audio quality and bass response. The display is easily controlled via intuitive icon driven user interface. This amazing radio is capable of receiving DAB Slideshow Transmissions - a new feature that enhances the digital radio experience by enabling full color images to be broadcasted alongside standard radio transmissions like ‘Now Playing’ screens, sport reports, traffic information, news and weather updates.