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iPhone Wooden Back Case Screwdriver and instructions to change the back of your iPhone

Wenge iPhone 4/4s Wooden Back

Eden has created this wooden back case that replaces the original glass back of the iPhone 4/4s to give your phone a more stylish and natural design. The Wenge is built from a high-quality real FSC-certified wood veneer, includes the camera lense and comes with a screwdriver and instructions for replacing the back of your iPhone 4/4s in only 3 minutes.

Portable iPhone Projector

Featuring a small and compact design, MiLi Projector2 is the world’s first portable projector with a folding stand that is capable of projecting images not only horizontally, but also on the ceiling. This pocket-sized projector features an LCOS LED projection system,  a 5 - 70 Inch projection screen and is not restricted to ‘i’ devices, this means you can also connect your laptop, DVD Player, game console, or any other portable media device.

iPhone 5 Wooden Case Wenge iPhone 5 Wooden Case Maple Front iPhone 5 Wooden Case Maple Back

iPhone 5 Wooden Case

The new iWood 5 from Miniot is the perfect choice if you are looking for a stylish case to keep your new iPhone 5 protected. Light and sturdy and featuring a slim design, the case will give your iPhone 5 a unique wooden look and feel, as no two cases are the same. Each iWood 5 case is personally handcrafted and you can even make it more personal with a message or logo engraved.