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An Elegant and Discreet Travel Partner

The Duet Lux is a powerful vibrator that features dual tips and dual motors for a brand new kind of pleasure. Made of a high quality material plated with 24 Karat gold and with a unique dual tip design and V-shaped edges, this vibrator will offer a wide range of possibilities. So quiet that you could use it in a library, four vibration modes, 8GB or 16GB of data storage for your most intimate bits and bytes, fully charging via USB in less than two hours, a genuine leather travel pouch that comes with every Duet plus the fact that is completely waterproof makes this vibrator a discreet and dynamic travel partner.

Drink Safe Water With SteriPEN Traveler

SteriPEN Traveler purifies water with the help of UV technology, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that can cause disease. With just one set of AA batteries, the SteriPEN Traveler is capable of purifying 200 half-liter servings of water. Designed to perfectly fit into commercial water bottles, SteriPEN will offer you safe drinking water in any country in the world.

GoGirl Female Urination Travel Gadget

GoGirl is an unusual but very useful travel gadget designed especially for women. If you are a woman who enjoys traveling, camping and outdoor activities, I am sure you have been faced with this problem already: not finding a sanitary bathroom when you need one! GoGirl is a simple hygiene product that will allow you to go the bathroom standing up! This female urination device is made from a germ-resistant silicone, includes a bag for discreet storage and/or disposal, and can easily fit in your purse.

Personal Environment Monitor

If you are looking to improve the quality of your life or if you are just curious about the invisible details of your environment, then I suggest you try Lapka - a beautifully designed device that connects to your phone and monitors the quality of your surroundings. Lapka’s precise sensors will measure the quality of any environment, doesn’t matter if you are on the street, on an airplane or inside your office. The Lapka set comes with 4 devices that measures radiation, EMF, the relative humidity and the quantities of nitrates.

Portable Ultrasound Imaging

This portable device built by Mobisante is the world’s first smartphone-based ultrasound imaging system that can be used everywhere, making it the ideal choice for mobile medical professionals, disaster relief organizations, ER doctors or for any qualified doctor. The device features a touch screen interface, imaging optimization, 8GB image storage, network connectivity, image sharing via email or USB sync to a PC, patient data and manages to successfully blend the wireless connectivity of a smartphone with the Internet into a diagnostic solution.

Wireless Activity And Sleep Tracker

If you need a travel gadget that tracks the calories you burn, the stairs you climb, the steps you take, distances, your sleep cycle, and never rests, then Fitbit One might be the one. The One tracks all your activity during the day (and night) and syncs your stats automatically to help you track your progress and understand better your health and fitness. Due to its small and discreet design, you can easily wear it on a belt or in your pocket, plus it has an impressive battery that lasts up to 7 days.