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Oceanmaster Knife

Flawlessly crafted in Sheffield, England especially for nautical use, the Oceanmaster Knife features a locking marlin spike, a serrated sheepsfoot blade with ring pull, can opener, locking slot shackle, a white cotton sliding knot lanyard and weighs only 5 oz. This folding knife is corrosion resistant and is safe to use in salt water conditions.

Yield Picnic Bag

If you plan a picnic, then this is probably the most useful gadget you will need. This picnic bag is packed with a zipper that will allow you to unfold it and transform it to a clean surface. The Yield Bag can be used indoors or outdoors and features a high tension zipper, natural leather details and is water resistant.

Carter Duffle Bag

With a unique shape, large interiors and some clever placed zipper pockets, this utility bag is the perfect choice for everything from carrying your gym equipment to a day trip, when you need to pack more lightly. Built using crunchy coated cotton with heavy leather trims and with a distress wash finish, the Carter Duffle bag definitely shows a stylish look. You can carry it either as a traditional backpack or across your body.

Pocket Charger for Android & Smartphones

With a powerful 2600mAh battery, a micro USB connector and quick charge technology, this useful travel gadget can charge your smartphone up to 100% and still have power left over. Built from machinated Aluminum for maximum durability and featuring an advanced electrostatic touch button, the Flex is the first of its kind designed for daily use.