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Miniot Book for iPhone 5

Available in two colors (walnut/maple and wenge/maple), the Miniot book is a wooden case designed to completely protect your iPhone 5 from any scratches. The Miniot book has been built with great precision using two contrasting pieces of wood from the finest species, is very thin and lightweight, and can also be used a landscape stand.

Cocoon Tree Basic Cocoon Tree Interior Cocoon Tree Beach Cocoon Tree Jungle

Cocoon Tree - Your Own Portable Cabin Tree

Designed to provide maximum comfort while hanging up on a tree, the Cocoon Tree is a spherical structure that can easily accommodate two people or even a couple with small children. Built from high quality materials, the Cocoon is water-proof, well ventilated for warm weather conditions and comes in three versions: Basic, Beach and Jungle. This beautiful and portable cabin tree can be bought by anyone to be used in any condition, from hotel and bungalow resorts to base camps and private owners. The Cocoon Tree is the ideal refuge where you can be in perfect harmony with the nature.

iPad 4 Wooden Cover

The beautiful Miniot Cover Mk2 is fully compatible with the 4th generation iPad and features a sleek design, with every cover crafted from one single piece of real wood. The cover can also act as a three way stand and screen protector with on/off switch, and it has a self aligning wooden hinge which snaps into place and keeps the cover firmly attached to your iPad, at any position up till 360°.